Other Mitigation Strategies Considered


Other Mitigation Strategies Considered

Lahar Diversion–

Lahar barriers are concrete structures used to divert lava or lahars from one area to another. They have been used in the past on a few volcanoes with varying success. At Mount Rainier, the use of barriers would be for lahar diversion instead of lava, since lava is not a real danger to the surrounding towns. Diversion barriers will not be used at Mount Rainier. The barriers would not alleviate the problem at Mount Rainier – only relocate it. Also, barriers of this type are quite expensive and it would be difficult to fund a project such as this (FEMA, 1997).


Climb to Safety Signs –

Many people have seen the flood warning signs "In Case of Flooding, Climb to Safety." The mitigation committee is considering similar signs as this for lahar warnings, "In Case of Lahars, Climb to Safety." The signs are relatively inexpensive and would serve to remind the residents and inform visitors what to do. In addition, visual aids such as these signs could help people to realize the volcano poses a real threat and to remember the danger.

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