Professor's Guide


Professor's Guide

Mount Rainier: An Interactive Learning Module can be used for a variety of classes. It can be used to illustrate earth processes in physical geography or geology classes and to illustrate hazards or human interaction with environment in hazard classes, environmental geography/geology classes, or human geography classes.

Pieces of the module can be used independently to illustrate certain learning aspects. The module's four parts are:

Lesson One: Geographical Context contains background information about the location and physical aspects of Mount Rainier. This lesson is brief and should be used in combination with other lessons.

Lesson Two: Mount Rainier's Hazards can be used in a physical geography/geology class to illustrate the physical hazards associated with the volcano. It discusses the six greatest hazards at Mount Rainier: lava flow, tephra flow, pyroclastic flow, sector collapse, glacial outburst flooding, and lahars.

Lesson Three: Preparing for the Worst can be used in a range of classes including - hazard classes, environmental classes, and human geography classes. It can be used as a case study of how people around Mount Rainier are preparing for geologic activity.

Lesson Four: Mount Rainier Nowcontains links to different Internet sites containing a variety of current information, including: a live cam to Mount Rainier and up-to-date information on recent earthquakes, stream gages, weather, and warnings.

Answer Key

Lessons 1, 2, and 3 conclude with review questions for the student. A copy of the answer key can be obtained by sending a request via e-mail. Answer keys will be sent by e-mail.


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