Steve Jennings, PhD

Steve Jennings, PhD

Steve Jennings, PhD

Associate Professor Emeritus

Areas of Interest

  • Biogeography
  • Geography Education


  • PhD, Geography, University of California Davis, 1989
  • MS, Geography, University of Utah, 1983
  • BS, Geography, University of Utah, 1981

Courses Taught

  • GES 1010: Environmental Systems: Landforms and Soils
  • GES 1050: Map and Compass
  • GES 3050: Introduction to Cartography
  • GES 4260: Biogeography
  • GES 4270: Advanced Biogeography
  • GES 4280: Plant Communities of the Western United States
  • GES 4290: Plant Communities of Colorado

Selected Publications

  • In Press. Jennings. S. The construction of sense of place, observations from the field. GeoHumanities
  • 2016. Jennings, S. and G. Ekiss. A geographic perspective for analyzing primary sources. Social Education 80(5): 304-308.
  • 2015. Jennings, S. Preservice teachers and geography education in Colorado. Papers in Applied Geography 1(1): 90-95.
  • 2014. Jennings, S. and E. Billmeyer. Modeling subalpine and upper montane forest-climate interactions in Colorado: a comparative study using GIS. International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research 5(4): 22-35.
  • 2013. Jennings, S. Forest changes on Pikes Peak, Colorado, as interpreted through repeat photography. Papers In Applied Geography 36: 83-91. 
  • 2013. Jennnings, S. Questions to facilitate the use of maps as primary sources in the classroom. The Social Studies 104: 200-206. 
  • 2012. Jennings, S. and E. Billmeyer. Modeling subalpine and upper montane forest-climate interactions in Colorado. Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences 35: 327-335.
  • 2008. Jennings, S. A reexamination of the origin of forest differences at a subalpine location in Colorado. Madrono 55: 303-305.
  • 2006. Jennings, S. A content comparison of six physical geography textbooks spanning a century. International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education 26:1-14.
  • 2003. Jennings, S. Unconsidered impacts of reforestation in the Pikes Peak region, Colorado. Papers of Applied Geography Conferences 26:399-407.
  • 2003. Jennings, S. and T.P. Huber. Campus-based geographic learning, a field oriented teaching scenario, Journal of Geography 102: 185-192.
  • 1996. Jennings, S. An evaluation of the influence of travel on the geographic knowledge of college students, International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education 5: 45-54.
  • 1993. Jennings, S. and D.L. Elliott-Fisk. Packrat midden evidence of late Quaternary vegetation change in the White Mountains, California-Nevada, Quaternary Research 39: 214-221.

Honors and Awards

  • Appointed co-coordinator with Rebecca Theobald for the Colorado Geographic Alliance (COGA) by the Colorado Geographic Education Fund and the National Geographic Society Education Fund, 2008.
  • Fulbright Grant to lecture at the University of Latvia, 2007.
  • Distinguished Teaching Award from the Association of Former Students of Texas A&M, University College of Geosciences and Maritime Studies, 1996.

Volunteer and Service

  • Coordinator, Colorado Geographic Alliance, 2008-Present
  • Chair, Great Plains / Rocky Mountain Division of the Association of American Geographers, 1999-2000